LAlapsambEL and the City

Feel, Think, Sense, Act

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Most of the time, I will have this series of decision making before I finally act on something. At first, I usually feel I need to do something. This feeling can be extremely excited or extremely disappointed. At this point, I don’t decide right away on something, as I’m afraid it’s only a sudden emotion. When my mind can come back finally, then I think on the benefit vs cost of it. Then, before I act on what I have thought, I’d try to sense if I would make the right decision for me by doing the action. This is the point where my thinking, experience, info, feeling, and common sense would blend together. Sometimes, I will loop back and forth between rethinking and resensing. However, the feeling part can only come back after I act, which might only be the first step of actions. And before the next action, of course I will have the feeling part first.

I know this might be a boring post. I’m just writing my random thoughts. 🙂


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