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Posted on: Juli 12, 2011

The sky is the limit
And I just wanna flow
Free as a spirit on a journey of hope
Cut the strings and let me go
I’m weightless, I’m weightless
Millions of balloons tethered to the ground
Weight of the world tries to hold us down
Cut the strings and let me go
I’m weightless, I’m weightless
I’m weightless, I’m weightless, I’m weightless…

All the things I held in my fist
If I don’t let go, I don’t exist
They’ve become the things that define me
How I look and the things to buy me
That’s not important anymore
I feel me rising off the floor
Light as a feather, I’m carefree
I’m weightless…

Most of the time, I will have this series of decision making before I finally act on something. At first, I usually feel I need to do something. This feeling can be extremely excited or extremely disappointed. At this point, I don’t decide right away on something, as I’m afraid it’s only a sudden emotion. When my mind can come back finally, then I think on the benefit vs cost of it. Then, before I act on what I have thought, I’d try to sense if I would make the right decision for me by doing the action. This is the point where my thinking, experience, info, feeling, and common sense would blend together. Sometimes, I will loop back and forth between rethinking and resensing. However, the feeling part can only come back after I act, which might only be the first step of actions. And before the next action, of course I will have the feeling part first.

I know this might be a boring post. I’m just writing my random thoughts. 🙂

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