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LAlapsambEL Relaunch!

Posted on: September 5, 2010

Finally I made it! The relaunch of this blog, after postponed for around 2 months, and ‘hiatus’ of around… hmm… 10 months?! Wow, so long time, huh? The reason is I simply did not feel like I can write anything appropriate here. Oh well, let’s just move forward, shall we?

So, I have made a few adjustments for my getting old more mature self here. New themes, new title, and new ‘about’ description. Hopefully this can match my nowadays writing, which I also hope is getting better and more useful for you, my readers.

Tomorrow, I’ll start reposting my writings that I have created during the ‘hiatus’ period. So, please come back here for more info from me. Cheers! 😉


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