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Got Job?

Posted on: Oktober 17, 2009

With graduation and job fairs everywhere this month, I feel a bit tempted to come and look around. There may be something interesting there, or even just to meet people for reunion. ^^;

But again, before shopping around, I ask to myself. Are you passionate about what you do? Do you like the industry where you work? Does it give you what you need? In short, are you happy with your job? And I can’t say no to all those questions. Do you want to know why?

I’m excited to explain my products, plans, and my insights about them. I love to see it when my promotion is implemented well in stores–and generate sales, of course. I like to evaluate and analyze the impact of what was done in the past. I’m eager to see and learn what our competitors do.  And I’m enthusiastic to observe and learn more from my co-workers and my buyers.

There are problems here and there, some of them just happen to me. Sometimes, I have to seek for help from other people to solve it, some other times I have to help others in solving a problem. But of course, challenges always happen, and I can never blame the situation. Problem won’t disappear if we only complain about it, it’s waiting to be solved. That’s the way it is.

Besides, my job also fulfills my personal need. It gives me enough salary for our family needs. It gives me enough time to spend with my family, boyfriend, and friends. And I can also learn what I need to prepare for my own business in the future.

Meanwhile, another friend who also applied for my current job, former president of an organization in ITB said, “Finding a job is like fighting in the dark. You don’t know where to punch, but you’ll be able to hit one anyway someday.” I was surprised that someone like him said that, and really disagree with his opinion, because I think you should know where to go before you start walking. I don’t know where he ‘hits’ finally, but I do hope he’s happy with it.

However, I really agree with what my boyfriend said, “Be grateful for things that you currently can have, something that you may not have if you choose a different path. Most people just focus on things that they can have, not what they will lose, with that different path.”

Another friend said, “Management trainee program is a long-term career plan. Once you apply, you have to know that you’re going to stay there for a while.”

Indeed, It’s not like I haven’t thought a thousand times, the advantages and disadvantages, about starting my career here. I turned down 2 formal offers (and 1 informal offer from acquaintance-an HR manager) from companies not any smaller than where I work. It was not an easy choice, but I think this is the best for me right now, at least until I fully learn the expertise that I need here.

So, I think that you should be able to answer ‘yes’ for the questions above before you start sending application, or before you create your business plan if you want to start your own business. Only when you have different answers someday, that’s the time you may need to look for another job.


3 Tanggapan to "Got Job?"

huh, aku masih pusing mikirin job neh… kapan? kapan?

No, Yes, Yes, No. *curcol

I like the quote from your boyfriend, though. Some truth.

Semoga semua bisa dapat kerja amin,,
salam dari pernikahan adat Indonesia

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