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Thanks to my sister who brought me to Gramedia Book Fair in Sabuga. Actually, I did not  expect much and did not plan to buy anything (I bought a book last week and haven’t read it)… until I found books for Rp 5.000 – Rp10.000 only! And they ARE good, or even great, seriously! Not those cheesy chick-lit or anything! So, finally I bought 2 translated books and 1 Indonesian book. Now, what’s important is what the books are all about.

I think I have become so anxious of entering the real life. I mean.. I’m going to graduate soon and enter the real world out there. Even if I haven’t finished my final project, when I have no more classes to attend, I think it means that it’s my time to finish college and not a time to slack off and delay my graduation. Don’t take it wrong, when you haven’t graduated but you do something other than your final project such as business, projects, or anything, I do appreciate it. I count it as entering the real world, hehehe. I might just take all this post-graduation life too seriously, but I do think about it a lot of times.

Unconsciously, all the books I bought, including 1 English book I got last week, are about planning life for someone who will or has just graduated, someone like me. I can’t say much about books I haven’t read, but let me just mention the titles to show how paranoid I am đŸ˜› So, here’s the list: Baca entri selengkapnya »

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