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Posted on: April 25, 2009

I went shopping today! Ha, it’s been a while since the last time I shopped last November for a shirt, a pair of shoes, and several bargain (yes, they were on sale! I mean it!) books at the book fair in Senayan. After that, I went through some sort of financial crisis that restricted me from buying things (mmm… except that pair of New Balance shoes, and mmm… that pair of fake Crocs, fufufu). OK OK, I admit that I eat lifestyle food (> Rp10.000/meal) too often, that too, uh.

Anyway, my point is that I haven’t bought any new clothes for nearly 6 months, and suddenly today I just feel that I need to buy one some. Actually, I was in Istana Plaza with Erga for lunch, not planning to buy anything other than food. I don’t know how that shopping feeling came, but suddenly I just found myself walking in and out of stores and sale areas looking at clothes. Too bad, I couldn’t find anything that both I like and I can afford. The nice clothes at the ground floor sale area that I saw 1 or 2 weeks ago were gone already. I was thinking of going home when I saw a woman with The Executive Super Sale bag. Hooo, one of my favorite brands! I remember they also had sale some time ago, but I wasn’t keen on shopping at that time. This is indeed not a bad time for shopping!

So, I spent the next hour sorting and fitting clothes (and let Erga wander around the mall by himself, sorry!) until finally buying two short-sleeve shirts 30% cheaper than their “normal sale” price. Yeah, they put it on 50% sale all year long and never sell it on the “real” price, but this time they really are having the real sale, which is 70% off the “real price”. So, let’s say that if the “real” price is Rp100.000, the 50%-sale-all-year-long price would be Rp50.000, and the price that I paid today would be around Rp30.000. Hohoho, not a bad deal. After I got home, I was fitting my clothes in front of the mirror in my room when I got an SMS from my sister: “La, do you want to buy shirts? I saw some good ones at The Executive BIP with 70% discount.” Yes, I did wanted to buy some shirts. In fact, I just bought 2 at that store you mentioned, hahaha. What a coincidence! FYI, my sister doesn’t normally inform me on clothes sales, I don’t know why she felt like telling me this time. But I do rely on her as my personal fashion stylist, or personal shopper, as what Becky Brandon does in Shopaholic series, hehehe.

So, that shopping really made my day. As I have mentioned above, I look at clothes even though I don’t want to shop. And if I don’t want to shop, I won’t. There’s no harm in window-shopping for me, I don’t know how about for other women. ^^; The exception would be super bargains, like that little black dress for party that I got only for Rp50.000 – my best buy so far. I think that women clothes on sale is not seasonal in Indonesia. They always have a reason for having sales – Year End / Christmas Sale, New Year Sale, Valentine’s Day Sale, Kartini Day Sale, mid year sale, Independence Day sale, just mention any occasion that you may think of, and they will make a sale out of it. Thus, the sale would be on all year long. However, there may be difference in which stores that is having the sale, so you just have to seek for the right price at the right place, anytime would be the right time, hehehe. The point is, you don’t have to buy clothes everytime they have sales, buy them anytime you want instead, and find out which store is having a sale currently, hehehe. If you want a cheaper option, just go to Mangga Dua / JACC Tanah Abang to get today’s most stylish clothes in their cheapest price. Or, if you have a great fashion sense (like my sister does, not me, too bad), you could even try hunting for super cheap clothes in Gedebage. The price in these places don’t differ much from time to time and is always cheap, so anytime would be good time.

BTW, The Executive sale is still on until May 4, if you feel like going there. Just make sure that you don’t go to debt from shopping, hehehe. Happy shopping! 😉


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“So, I spent the next hour sorting and fitting clothes”

hiks, dalam waktu itu saya pergi ke ACE hardware melihat spotlight, halogen bulb, car tools, aquarium pump, dan wastafel… lalu ke Agis melihat microwave dan Oven.. lalu ke Toko Jam browsing Timex… wellcomm melihat 3.5G modem… Kettler… and waiting about 5 minutes outside The Executive


belanja diluar rencana jalan-jalan siang itu…

Very well written and very informative article, keep up the impressive writing, Thanks Jerry.

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