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Paris, Here We Come! :)

Posted on: Juni 30, 2008

Time has passed so fast, that it’s almost time for the trip that I’ve been both waiting for… and actually am afraid for, too (since everyone kept asking when we’d leave, while I realized that we’re not ready yet to compete 😦 ). I’m sorry that I haven’t even reported this trip, or even a full report of this one, to you, my blog readers. Well, the interval between my last trip and this one was quite close, only around 1 month, and I had make-up exams and preparation for this Imagine Cup 2008 during that time (Yeah, we can always make up an excuse for everything :mrgreen: ). OK, OK… I really MUST write about those (and this) trip before the next semester begins!

Oh well, ready or not, Team Antarmuka (me, Arief, Dimas, Erga) from Institut Teknologi Bandung, who will represent Indonesia for Imagine Cup 2008, software design category, will leave from Bandung to Jakarta this afternoon. We will have a radio interview at Trax FM 101.4 this evening at 7-8 pm. So, if you will be in Jakarta this evening, you’d be able to hear us 😉 We will spend the night at The Sultan Hotel until tomorrow, when we will leave to Soekarno-Hatta from the hotel at 3 pm. So, if you want to meet us at the airport, we can meet at around 4 pm at the international terminal. We will take the Lufthansa to Frankfurt at 6.50 pm. The event itself will be held in Paris from July 3-9, but since our flight would be via Germany, we need more time in traveling, hehehe.

Another good news is that we already made it as one of the Rural Innovation Awards finalist, as you can see here. Please pray and wish us luck so that we can do our best for Indonesia, be the winner of that award, as well as be the finalist for the main award 😀 Last but not least, we’d thank everyone who has helped us until now, namely people we have mentioned here. Besides, I’d also thank specially everyone that really prepared our team for this Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals:

  • God, for all the blessings, so we can make it until this stage
  • Mr. Zeddy Iskandar, Microsoft Indonesia ADE, who has organized everything, from arranging the trip, visa, to Rural Innovation Awards
  • Mr. Dwi H. Widyantoro, our mentor, who has helped us with the project
  • Team Aksara (Okta, Riza, Budi, Desi), who has shared their experience and has given wonderful suggestions for our projects
  • All Informatika ITB students, lecturers, and employees, who has given their supports for us

Now, personally, I’d also thank:

  • My family – my mom, my sister (Get well, soon!), who has given me supports in everything I do, my aunts, uncles, cousins, who has supported and accompanied me here in Bandung
  • Doctor Nur Akbar, who has given me medication for my sinusitis (Hope I’ll be alright on the plane)
  • All my friends, who have always supported me, wherever and whenever. Special mention! (Arum, Arya, Reza, Yudi – who are not in Bandung, but always accompanies me via chats, sms, or phone calls). Thank you friends, you’re the best!

And also for everyone who has supported us, whoever you are, thank you very much! 🙂

P.S. As usual, my normal cell phone number would not be active (Yeah, unfortunately, IM3 only has international roaming for Singapore), but you can reach me at +62 813 948 07630, Y!M / MSN, or e-mail.


8 Tanggapan to "Paris, Here We Come! :)"

yeaaaaaah, semangat laaa
pulang dari paris jadi seleb deh lo

duh, maaf gak bisa mengantarkan, cuma bisa memberikan doa buat kalian
smoga berhasil antarMuka

yah, besok yah? hehe.. gw ga bisa nganter uy, sayang sekali, baru beres ngantor jam 1/2 6 dan dari bsd pula, hehe..

good luck yah kawan! kita doain dari sini, jangan lupa oleh2! *teteup*

curiga balik2 jadi tenar nih.. hahaha..

Teriring doa untuk kemenangan Indonesia!
Ayo, kalian BISA!!

Ayo La! Berjuang!


Ntar kan kalo menang kita bisa ngomong “pantesan ngalahin Screaming Tree,, juara duniaaaa”

Hahahaahhah becanda La!

Gutlak yah

maju terus kawan… sikat!!

cieeee, yang menang…!!! yang difoto gede2 di Kompas hari ini…!!!! :mrgreen:

*menunggu traktiran*

*sekian persen dari 10k USD* 😈

eh, btw, Arief BM as in Mikrobiologi bukan BI as in Biologi.. 😉

Saw your team’s entry to the imaginecup. Cool stuff!


Yay, 10,000 dollar nih yeee…

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