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Hi, everyone! I know this is a very late update, nearly a week late *blame the accumulated lack of sleep and class assignments* :mrgreen: As some of you might have known, after all weekdays, weeknights, weekends (well, basicly our life) in MIC for the last 2-3 weeks, finally my team, Antarmuka, with our project, Butterfly, will represent Indonesia in Software Design Imagine Cup 2008.

As Arief, Antarmuka Team leader, has posted here, we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us. This thank you list is quite different from Arief’s since it’s also added with my personal thanks. So, Antarmuka Team would like to thank:

  • God, for all the blessings, so we can build Butterfly well until now
  • Mr. Dwi H. Widyantoro, our mentor, who always do the best for us
  • Mr. Zeddy & Mr. Umar (for organizing the best Imagine Cup Indonesia ever. Good job!)
  • All the Judges – Mr.Risman, Mr. Norman, Mr. Rene, Mr. Tahir (Thank you for giving us a chance to give our best in the Worldwide Finals)
  • Ibam, who helped us get connected with Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia
  • Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia
  • Anto TL 05, who helped us get connected with WALHI
  • Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI) Jawa Barat
  • Okta (for the support and suggestions)
  • Mr. Naren (for the support, suggestion, 3G Modem and notebook for the Top 4 Final)
  • Igor (for exchanging his PDA with my cell phone for about a week, that we used for demonstration in both final rounds)
  • Mr. Iping S (for the support, and the notebook that we borrowed for the Top 4 Final)
  • Mr. Direkta (my uncle, for the notebook for the Top 4 Final)
  • Dewa, aka Khoirush Sholih (for the 3G modem for the Top 4 Final)
  • Fajar F (for helping us setting up our hardware)
  • Ronald and all MIC ITB crews(for providing us a place to stay and late night freaks for the last 3 weeks :mrgreen: )
  • All Informatika ITB students, lecturers, and employees
  • The supporter team that came to the Top 4 Finals, especially Desi, who coordinated all the supporters)

Now, personally, I’d also thank:

  • My family, especially my parents, for all the support and inspiration, so I can be someone like I am now
  • The Imries, my host family in the US, for all the information about the US reporting system (911), voice recognition system and for the never-ending lesson of English and the insight of American life
  • Student English Forum ITB, for all the debate practices, so I can explain a problem well, provide a logical argument, and be a public speaker & quick thinker
  • All my friends, for all the supports expressed through sms, chat, and Facebook walls, hehehe..

And also many more that I can’t put one by one here. Thank you very much!

Now, I’d also like to confirm several things here. First, my name was written wrongly by several media, including Detik and ITB. Baca entri selengkapnya »

Get a Life!

Posted on: April 7, 2008

OMG, I think the real 6th semester has just started for me last month. Well, I’m supposed to finish my project -Flicktaholic, the movie social networking website- for my software project class now, because if my team is lucky, we have to give our presentation and demo of the project in our class this afternoon. Instead, I started my day with checking e-mails and browsing through some ASEAN things and can’t really think about coding at the time. So, I hope the 10-15 minutes I spent writing this post can relieve my mind from other things and won’t do any harm to the project.

So, as you know people, 6th semester of Informatics Engineering in Institute of Technology Bandung may be one of the most demanding time of my life in ITB. I don’t think I’ve done it very well, though. It’s the middle of the semester already, as we have passed the mid-semester test. The thing is, I couldn’t really bring myself to full working phase all through March. It seems like my feeling took over my thinking all the time. This is very very annoying, since I’m usually an E-S-T-J person (Sorry, not in the mood to describe what it is. Please search in Google if you don’t know what it means ^^). And now I’m ruled by my mood? No, way! Oh well, I just think it may be the impact of lack of socializing with people. I can’t call “doing assignment” as socializing >.< I think I need to take care of people around me more-my family and friends, and also not letting myself be lonely. Now, what I have to master is to juggle between my assignments and that social need (both which I failed to do last month).

In the other hand, since I felt a very need of something to do outside my assignments while I was so stressed out, I agreed to adjudicate debating in Widyatama English Competition and ALSA UI E-comp, both will be held this month. Moreover, I also agreed to represent ITB for ASEAN Young Speakers’ Contest in Brunei. Although it will be held in May, I have to submit a paper for it in this month, too. Still need more? Yep, Imagine Cup deadline of progress report was also in the beginning of this month, so it’s submitted already. But the top 15 and top 5 presentation, again, will be conducted this month. Not that my team has been chosen to go to that round, but of course we always hope and believe we can make it there. So, seeing my very bad work in March, I think I have MANY MORE challenges I have to cope in APRIL, and pay my very unproductive previous month.

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