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Where Did I Go? – The Answer

Posted on: Februari 14, 2008

Hi, people! Sorry that I’ve been putting off writing in this blog lately, although I’m back in town and already available since the beginning of this week. Anyway, people have asked me lots of questions about my trip (or.. why I never show up for 2 full weeks), such as where did I go, what for, why, etc. And my answer was always: “It’s a long story. I’ll write about it in my blog.” So, I kinda owe some people to tell about this. Well, I hope my explanation in this post can satisfy your curiousness. Enjoy!

So, the rumor was right that I went to the United States, Chicago to be exact. Yup, that’s the place where I went as an AFS exchange student in high school. However, this time, my trip is not for AFS, ITB (my college), SEF (debating), or anything you might have in your mind 😉 I told some of you that I went there for a family business, which is not wrong. I went to the US for a deposition. Now, what is a deposition? Here’s the long story. Don’t interrupt!

My dad passed away in 1997 in an air crash near Medan, Indonesia. In 2004, a law firm offered to help my family to sue the company which made a tool in the airplane that in a way, was responsible for the air crash. A more complete information about the case can be read in That article was for the case that has finished, not my family’s. However, it was for the same crash as ours. So anyway, my family said yes at that time, so the case has been going on for nearly 4 years. In January 2008, our attorney asked me, as a representative of my family, since I’m the oldest child of my dad and a legal adult already, whether I can go for a deposition in the US. A deposition is when the lawyer of the company that we sue ask questions, to the victim whose life was impacted from the air crash. I agreed to do it, so our attorney gave me the ticket and accommodation for that. The deposition itself for me was only for 2 days, February 1 and 4, but since I’d like to visit my host family and friends (who coincidentally also live in Chicago), and also because of the Chinese New Year long weekend (Sorry Bal, I didn’t know about the matriculation at the time), I decided to extend my trip 😀

Now.. What? Trip report? Yeah, I need to work on that some time this weekend. Patience, people! :mrgreen:


9 Tanggapan to "Where Did I Go? – The Answer"

Oh, so u were there for quite an obvius reason. I thought u were just wasting money traveling to America for nothing.. Haha.. Ampun La.. 😀

Btw, why not ur mom?

Now, what is a deposition? Here’s the long story. Don’t interrupt!

not really long anyway… but it sure is one kind of story 😉

I still don’t really get the attorney-related stuff, like who they are working for, their motivations, etc to do such. I do believe though, it’s quite costly on their side. 😮

*eh, ada yud1..*

welcome back. :mrgreen:

@fixmanius: Yah, wajar aja lo mikir gitu kalo ga tau 😀 BTW, why not my mom? Because the case is for me and my sister, and I’m already a legal adult (>18) now.
@yud1: Well, obviously they do this for money. They will get some of the compensation that I receive if we succeed

wew,, tampak rumit…
moga sukses persidangannya 🙂

hey, I didn’t know that..
well,good luck with everything..

@Paul&Vienz: Thanx 🙂

What a story,. ^_^

That’s nice to have some trip overboard, I’d love to take one if there’s a chance,. Well, maybe in my future life,.

However, good luck for the case,. ^_^


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