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Hi, people! Sorry that I’ve been putting off writing in this blog lately, although I’m back in town and already available since the beginning of this week. Anyway, people have asked me lots of questions about my trip (or.. why I never show up for 2 full weeks), such as where did I go, what for, why, etc. And my answer was always: “It’s a long story. I’ll write about it in my blog.” So, I kinda owe some people to tell about this. Well, I hope my explanation in this post can satisfy your curiousness. Enjoy!

So, the rumor was right that I went to the United States, Chicago to be exact. Yup, that’s the place where I went as an AFS exchange student in high school. However, this time, my trip is not for AFS, ITB (my college), SEF (debating), or anything you might have in your mind 😉 I told some of you that I went there for a family business, which is not wrong. I went to the US for a deposition. Now, what is a deposition? Here’s the long story. Don’t interrupt!

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